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Fresh & healthy

Our restaurant serves a healthy cuisine with focus on organic & fresh clean food that supports a holistic approach by delightful culinary compositions. And all this fresh from the market or from the ocean.


With a changing themes menu of international dishes that addresses all cravings from crisp fresh salads to traditional Balinese, Mediterranean, Asian or middle-Eastern dishes - ensuring that every night diners enjoy an abundance of variety and flavor. 

Sun-ripened tropical fruit and fresh coconuts provide the daily vitamin kick. We get our groceries mostly from organic farming. Besides, we pay attention particularly to the good quality of our fresh ingredients. 

We are happy to consider the needs of allergy sufferers, vegetarians or vegans and we will be fond of preparing your special meals. 

Half board & 

Full board meals

For those guests not planning to travel from the hotel we recommend adding the cost of lunch and dinner to your stay with our 'Half Board' or 'Full Board' option at the time of your booking (breakfast is included in all our rates).

Half board: 17,00 EUR per person 


Full board:   25,00 EUR per person 

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