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Things To Do

Be it lounging by the pool and soaking up the sun, learning Balinese cooking

or getting in touch with the people of Tejakula village  

… there are many things to do during your stay at


Desa Saya 

Eco Luxury Resort & Spa

Boat Trips

Enjoy a trip with a traditional fishermen´s boat


  • Start in the early morning to see the beautiful sunrise – you might even meet dolphins.


  • Join the fishermen on their daily traditional fishing tour and bring the catch of the day.


  • Have your individual boat trip along the coast line – ideal for snorkeling in the clear water.




When booking boat trips with our local fishermen you support the income of the community of Tejakula village.



Desa Saya organizes those boat trips

as a non-profit service.



Cost per boat (max. 2 persons): 25,00 EUR

Cooking Courses

Come and learn how to cook delicious recipes – traditional Balinese cuisine or international specialties.


Our chef will walk you step-by-step through how to prepare our delicious meals. The classes take place in the afternoon and last approximately three hours.


Then you will enjoy your own cooked menu

and take home a detailed recipe.


Cost per person: 30,00 EUR


Get active … From volcanic beaches, waterfalls & exotic temples in the North to evergreen rice fields in the center of the island of Bali - there is no shortage of things

to do during the day.



Enjoy the luxury of staying in the tranquil North of Bali in Desa Saya and benefit of being on a small Island with a huge variety of culture, nature highlights and things to do – most of them are reachable by a day trip.

We are happy to offer and arrange your personal active part of your holidays.


We are happy to offer and arrange your personal active part of your holidays.

Balinese Tradition

In Balinese Culture the colorful offerings are part of everyday´s life. Each of them is a hand made

masterpiece of Balinese Art.


Let us invite you to learn how to make these beautiful pieces of art with your own hands and listen to the fantastic stories about the meaning and source of what special kinds of flowers and colors are being used.

Cost per person: 15,00 EUR

Swimming Pool

Nestled in the middle of an exotic garden in the quiet back part of the resort our 19-metre-long swimming pool invites you to relax in a tranquil and natural surrounding.


Suitable with our eco concept our swimming pool is equipped with an ozone filter system. This saves the environment and provides a very good water quality.

Compared to other disinfectants ozone is the most

intense and eco-friendly and has the advantage that the water quality is increased dramatically.

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